Korg Nano Midi Controller

We just picked up a Korg Nano Midi Controller on Amazon for around $35, and I (Matt) am excited about getting it and utilizing it for beat creation, and especially the x/y touch pad. I hope to create a video that shows my newbie exploration of this, I’ve used x/y control pads emulated by knobs and sliders, as well as using TouchOSC on the iPhone for a true touch interface for Ableton Live, but I thought for the price, this would be a good investment especially since it can serve multiple purposes for arming tracks, starting loops, assigning samples to the pads and drumming. Here’s one of the videos I found that demonstrates someone who knows how to drum using pads. Enjoy!


Start Somewhere

If you love digital music production, keyboards, synth, samples, ableton, or any kind of keyboards, synthesizers, or anything somewhat related, let us know and we’d love to get you plugged in. If you are good at writing copy, doing tutorials, or just want to show some of what you’ve been doing with your synth setup, drop us a line…we’re starting to look for people who are passionate about finding creative ways to mix technology and music. We have to start somewhere, so for the next few months we plan on having a tumblr style blog with tips, videos, tutorials, gear lists, photos, and (of course) music. If you have any suggestions, send them our way. Down the road, we would like to grow this into a more versatile site with more to offer. We have to start somewhere, and this is our somewhere.


Keyboard Setup – My Gear and Software List

Here’s my setup for my Key Rig when I play in eFritts and Lighthouse Collective and in other bands and projects.

My Key Rig setup at The Fillmore in Detroit, MI

I realize there is much newer technology, and better keyboards out there, but this is what i use until my next upgrade. You’ll notice I have different ways of setting up my equipment than others. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment.

List of Equipment:

  • Yamaha S90 Keyboard/Synthesizer
  • M-Audio MK-449c Midi Controller
  • Dual-Tier Keyboard Stand
  • Macbook (I have an older black macbook, I would recommend getting a newer macbook pro or similar)
  • iMac i7 (for home recording)
  • iPhone 4 (I’ll post later what I use it for)
  • Korg Nano PAD
  • Roland V-Drums TD-6 with midi-usb cord
  • Klipsch S4i in-ear headphones
  • M-Audio MobilePRE USB Interface
  • 1/4″ Patch Cord from MobilePRE to S90



Software / Midi Instruments:

Note: Some for live playing, some for recording, some for fun, some still yet to be explored.

I used to have cakewalk’s Project 5 v2.5 when I used a PC, it was extremely easy to setup, but it was discontinued and doesn’t work natively on a Mac.  I use it at home using Parallels on the iMac, but it’s too much for my macbook in a live setting, when I want to use Ableton and all the plugins.

Equipment and Deals:

M-Audio Keyboards


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